Who are we?

Based in Quito – Ecuador, VIP-Ecuador (Volunteer and Internship Programs in Ecuador) is a social and educational organization founded to provide a variety of volunteer abroad programs and international internship experiences across Ecuador in South America for high school students, gap year volunteers, university students, recent graduates, career break volunteers, older volunteers and group trips from around the world.

VIP-Ecuador is formed by a professional and dynamic team of social workers and educators passionate about sharing cultural exchange opportunities, volunteerism and community service and enriched practical learning experiences in local and international companies, NGOs and public medical centers, schools and community centers.​

VIP-Ecuador is dedicated to promoting the cultural exchange between foreign countries and Ecuador.​

About Ecuador

Small in stature, yet abundant in its offerings, enchanting Ecuador is one of South America’s most sensational attractions. From tropical beaches to stunning landscapes, indigenous markets and historical towns, Ecuador is often suggested as the ideal destination for anyone wanting a taste of the best of South America.

Nestled in the Andes cordillera in the northern part of South America, the country received its name from the equator line. Despite being one of the smallest countries in South America, the range of natural and cultural wonders is one of the highest in South America.   

Having said that, Ecuador is without any doubt – a must-see destination for any adventure traveler!